The McIntyre

The McIntyre has a robust selection of floorplans to meet everyone’s unique lifestyle. Whether you are in need of a larger space for your growing family or just looking for your first place before starting school at the University of Alberta, your new home is available for you at The McIntyre! Our featured amenity would definitely have to be our communal rooftop patio, perfect for hot summer days where you just want to lounge in the sun or have a BBQ with friends. Whatever you are looking for in a new home, let us help you find the perfect match!

Our Roots Run Deep

Why did we choose to name our development The McIntyre? Drawing inspiration from the rich history that makes Whyte Avenue the renowned cultural-hub that it is today, we instantly felt a connection with the neighbouring McIntyre Memorial Park on 104 Street and 83 Avenue. This park was named after Dr. Wilbert McIntyre, an early and respected physician who came to Edmonton in 1891.

Additionally, when we looked at the meaning of the name itself, McIntyre is a Scottish surname literally meaning “Son of the Craftsman or Mason,” which ties to the building’s interior and exterior finishes and the overall craftsmanship of the project. This name exudes strength, while paying homage to the rich tradition and history of the area, which is a quintessential part of what makes Whyte Avenue so charming. With its great selection of shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and close-proximity to the University of Alberta, Whyte Avenue is home to some of the city’s most iconic establishments and we wanted The McIntyre to be synonymous with these enterprises.

Kingswood's Vision

Developing properties to meet community and neighbourhood needs is always amongst the forefront of priorities for Kingswood and that is why they have been in business for over 15 years and have built homes across multiple provinces. Understanding community needs and embracing and meeting local concerns from a design, construction or environmental perspective, amongst others, paves the way for project success and allows for neighbourhood harmony, while increasing livability.

Working with award-winning architects, designers, consultants and contractors, Kingswood continues to provide quality housing options, while also realizing its passion and deep desire to be a premier boutique developer. Commitment to excellent performance from inception to completion and handover, provides the founders with great pride and joy.